Dermopharma Switzerland SA is an innovative company focused on dermatology and personal care. Our mission is to provide consumers and customers with an increased choice of high performing brands and products. We focus mainly on underserved segments where there is a high need of meaningful consumer and customer centric innovation. To ensure the highest quality and safety standards we work only with selected partners with cutting edge innovation, R&D and production capabilities.

The operation is split on three distinct but complementary business units:

Own brand development
Global export agency
Swiss distributor operations


Own Brand Development

We are building a brand portfolio of specialist brands that are tailored to please underserved consumer and customer segments. We apply a ‘no compromise’ approach putting a high priority on finding solutions respecting both the consumers and the environment. All our products are effective, gentle and proven. They are always developed and MADE IN SWITZERLAND. .

Global Export Agency

For companies interested in expanding their geographic footprint we offer an end to end solution to enter new markets. Our current operational focus in Europe and Middle East. We also offer consultancy on whitespace expansion, and how to best establish and build brands and commercial operations in new markets and channels.

Swiss Distributor Operations

For brands interested in entering Switzerland we offer a full service distributor operation. We are specialized in brand building and effective commercial operations. We cover all channels from mass, pharmacy, digital to specialty. We currently distribute the following brands (See below)

We currently distribute the following brands :

Dermopharma Switzerland

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