Dermopharma Switzerland SA is an innovative company focused on dermatology, beauty and personal cares proposing natural, organic and ecofriendly products.

Our mission is to provide consumers and customers with an increased choice of high performing brands and products. We are active on underserved segments where there is a high need of meaningful consumer and customer centric innovation. To ensure the highest quality and safety standards we work only with selected partners and suppliers with cutting edge innovation, R&D and production capabilities.

Founded in 2016, we are located in Geneva.

Our operations are split on 3 distinct business units:

Own Swiss cosmetic brand Vivocin (
Commercial Servicing Partnership
Swiss Distributor Operations


Own Brand Development Vivocin

We are building a brand portfolio of specialist brands that are tailored to please underserved consumer and customer segments. We apply a ‘no compromise’ approach putting the highest priority on finding solutions respecting both the consumers and the environment. All our products are effective, gentle and proven. They are always developed and MADE IN SWITZERLAND. Our first brand launch is Vivocin, a Skin Repair Range specifically designed for supporting the healing of the skin after dermatological procedures like permanent make-up, tattoos or laser treatments.

Commercial servicing partnerships

We propose commercial support and management (including promotion, OSB and logistic) as servicing partner to enable organization and brand to grow their sales and presence in Switzerland.

Swiss Distributor Operations

For brands interested in entering Switzerland we offer a full service distributor operation. We are specialized in brand building and effective commercial operations. We cover all channels from mass, pharmacy, digital to specialty.

Our current commercial partners are :

Wellzia Bioderma

We exclusively distribute the following brands in Switzerland :

Body, Hair and Personal care


Perfumes and deodorants

Dermopharma Switzerland

We hope your experience with our products is a positive one. If you have any questions, concerns or if you would just like to share some feedback. Please write us on:
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